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True L. Fellows CMT, CHT.

Discover deeper states of love and ecstasy within yourself. 
Greatly increase your sensual and sexual pleasures.
Deepen your intimate relationships.

Delightful Weekend Tantra Workshop
in Palo Alto California:
Saturday 11 am - 9 pm & Sunday 10 am - 8 pm

Scheduled workshops: No workshops scheduled at this time

Learn: Tantric loving sexual arts, sacred sex, extending pleasure, full body orgasms, increasing energy, ecstasy, and playfulness, controlling ejaculation, emotional release techniques, sexual healing, intimate communication skills, Taoist health and longevity practices and more...

Investment in your ongoing pleasure: $350.
Couples and Singles welcome.
For more information, call True at 650-323-4227
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True Fellows, P.O. Box 124, Palo Alto, California 94302

Private Tantra Classes

Private sessions available:

True has been in the healing arts for twenty years and has a private practice in Bodywork, Sexual healing, Craniosacral therapy, Emotional release work, Intuitive healing, Hypnotherapy and teaching Tantra to couples and singles. As a gifted healer True can help you recover quickly from sexual and emotional traumas. Feel free to call and inquire about a private session.

Private sessions for Men:


Private sessions are done in loose comfortable clothes
 Call 650-323-4227

For Women, learn how to:

Feel free to call True to discuss your concerns.  650-323-4227

For Couples:

These sessions can be as modest or as explicit as you feel comfortable.

True is available to teach Tantra to groups nationally or internationally at your location.
If you have a group of up to 20 people, and you would like to learn Tantra,
True's teaching fee is $1500. per day Plus traveling expenses.

True is a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Intuitive Healer
For more information, call True at 650-323-4227 or send e-mail to
True Fellows, P.O. Box 124, Palo Alto, California 94302

What True's students have to say about True:

True Fellows' work speaks to the heart. She uses her intuition and bodywork experience to gently reveal each person's possibilities for growth and joy. She challenges complacent acceptance of limitations by asking you to listen deeply to your needs and then teaching you how to start meeting them... all with a playful and loving manner.
Bruce H.

Dear True,
Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot of new tools that I hope to practice in my life. You were a great teacher and made me feel comfortable - even when it was most difficult. You radiated warmth and exuded sensuality! Hopefully our paths will cross again somewhere down the road to bliss!
Steve D.

Dear True,
I had a great experience with you in the private session. I found you to be warm, sexy, informative, loving, smart and caring-- A great woman and terrific person.
Love Barry G.

I had a great time at your workshop. I am now much more comfortable with my own sensuality and sexuality. I found your way of teaching very refreshing. Your wholesome view of sexuality as being healthy, normal and one of the pleasures in life, is very different from my mid - west - catholic back ground.  I appreciate the possibility that I have choice in how much pleasure I can enjoy.
Thanks, Susie M.

I have been practising Yoga & Pranayama over the past 30 years, and have
had many soul-searching experiences. Also, began Tantric meditation and
exercises since 1985. This resulted in several benefits, such as staying
youthful, experiencing full body orgasms, staying positive most of the
time, and being in touch with thousands of colleagues and associates
worldwide. However, there were some classic errors in my practice, since
I had never learned from a real Guru, and never practised it with fellow
brothers and sisters. True is a wonderful guru. Over a short weekend, I
learned more about the compassionate, loving kindness of Tantra than I
had learned from a dozen books and 18 years of practice! It has already
transformed my life, beginning at home with my children, my wife, and
with over a few hundred among my acquaintances. For the first time, I
have the courage to call them my friends, not just colleagues or
business associates. For the first time, I am giving in abundance, with
no strings attached, and receiving in abundance, with no scarcity in

True's teaching is a gift to us in the valley. She has helped many
around us explore their own inner beauty, discover the heart of the
valley, and the soul in their soul mates. Many many heartfelt thanks to
True and her crew. I will forever remain in the service of this
wonderful crew when beckoned to help more among us reach this blissful,
nirvanic state and transform the ecosystem around us.

-Sean H.

    I just have to write to say thank you for this weekend. David wants to add his part
but I somehow need you to know sooner than that, as Dave is on a business trip at the
    The release for me has been incredible, beyond anything I could even dream of.
I now have a body that I can touch with complete pleasure. I feel magnificent and quite different. David and I are so connected at the moment that we can send energy to
each other over the phone.
And the Tantra kisses are incredible and out of this world.
Dave has only to touch me in a tantra way and I instantly respond with the involuntary
spasms, which feels extraordinary in a wonderful way.
My head is also feeling quite sore from all the new pathways burnt into it.

  Also I wanted to say thank you for being there when I really needed your help (several times), and for teaching David & me new ways to fly together. And for letting me know that you were with me. And for making it possible for us to be exclusive in our partnering.

It was a weekend I and we will remember for ever and you truely made it special.


Cyndy and I are having a ton of  brand new fun practicing the lessons you taught us.
Jim D.

Dear True
Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop.  I learned a lot about love and openness and acceptance and playfulness. I learned how to relax my body and how to take in pleasure and love, and so much more.  You are a delightful, radiant loving being, and it is my pleasure and honor to have been graced by your presence.
  I appreciate the love you have given me, as well as the healing you did for me, and helped me do for myself.  You have helped me along my path of transformation and awakening.  In truth, I am falling short on the linguistic translation of my feelings of lightness and openness and love, but words will have to do.  Thank you for helping me see that  people love me;  that I am fully lovable!
  You are like a flash of lightning in the dark of night, illuminating the sky and charging all those in contact with you.
Thanks again True.     Brett R.

Thank you for a fascinating evening and for being your luscious self. You pour sunlight into rooms in my head and body that have been long closed. I felt alive last night. You are amazing, delicious, and brilliant.
Donna K.

Dear True,
I had never met you and only found you on the internet.  So I was a little apprehensive about what exactly was going to happen at your workshop. I have been to a zillion workshops, but True, I can't ever remember getting the loving, caring, personalized attention that I received from you in you last weekend.  Not only was the workshop so wonderful, but the desired changes showed up in my life.

True, you demonstrated the ability to deal with delicate, sensitive matters so beautifully; you are a true master. I totally felt taken care of by you and safe every step of the way. At a point in the workshop when fear came up for me and I wanted you there, you were. You were not about to leave me with less than total loving, compassionate support.

I don't know which part of what you did in the workshop that caused which results, but I don't really care. I am just thrilled. True, when you introduced the special techniques for changing something in our lives I was wondering why this, I had already gone way past what I had expected in the workshop... but I did the techniques anyway, and each night since. Now not only has my sexual performance anxiety diminished; I notice I am more at ease with my driving as well. Thank you again.

With great respect, appreciation and love, Vince S.

True is a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Intuitive Healer
Inquiries:  please put aaa in the subject box !!!! 

True Fellows, P.O. Box 124, Palo Alto, California 94302
                            Thank you
                  love and support yourself 

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